Carolina Pfister

Executive Director

Carolina is an immigrant multi-cultural media artist and non-profit director who has worked professionally with media, communications, and nonprofits, in both Brazil and the USA—in museums, television, and as co-founder of an inner-city cultural center and farmer’s market to name a few. Her work and art is motivated by the belief that to re-inhabit & nurture place is to seek awareness of the life around us, of who came before, and how personal choices, culture, and socio-political structures knit the web of us. Carolina is inspired by the talented people and important programs of CultureSeed and feels grateful to be of use. Her name is pronounced “Kah-roh-lee-na” (and if you roll your R, then it's the real deal). Obrigada & tchau!


Paul Gillingham

Program DIRECTOR, Rivers For All

At the age of 15, The YMCA director gave Paul and his friends an opportunity to go on a rafting trip down the Klamath River in California. This river experience and follow up youth guide training changed Paul's life, giving him unanticipated skills and confidence to explore local rivers. Paul found his passion for sharing river experiences with others after spending highschool summers raft guiding on the Klamath River. At Humboldt State University he studied Ecological Restoration with an emphasis in River Restoration as he continued to raft guide and teach kayaking for the university outdoor program. After graduating, Paul worked as an ACA Kayak Instructor and teacher for National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Paul realizes the inequity within the outdoor recreation industry and sees his experience on the river as a youth unique and a major privilege - one which he sharing with others through Rivers For All.


Kay Alton

Program DIRECTOR, T.R.U.S.T. and bending the bars

Kay lived abroad and communally for her first 14 years and the colorful complexity of that experience has permeated much of what she does. She has since found homes and work in non-profits in Minneapolis, Oakland, the Big Island of Hawaii and Santa Fe before finding her current home at Atlan Center. She has blended her ten plus years of social work with the more somatic, holistic aspects of her extensive yoga trainings to start her own business, Ignite Change Consulting LLC. She currently does mindfulness and yoga work at Haven, a non-profit for survivors of domestic and sexual violence in The Dalles, at the Norther Oregon Correctional Facilities, and at The Next Door in Hood River. Kay received her Masters of Education in Youth Developmental Leadership at the University of Minnesota, her Masters of Social Work at California State University, and recently completed her 500 hour yoga training in Cambodia through Zuna Yoga. She is so excited to create a home in the gorge and can’t wait to get to know the rivers on her new raft!


Taryn Kuluris


Taryn was raised in the colorful, expansive desert and mountains of Arizona. She has spent the last six years traveling the west and living with a variety of communities in Colorado, Michigan, Northern California, the Olympic Peninsula and Orcas Island, before finding her present home here in the Columbia River Gorge. She has been studying the cultivation and use of both nutritional and healing plants, through a variety of gardens and organic farms, for about six years. In 2016, Taryn completed a 9-month herbalism and wellness program at the California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville, California. She is guided by a desire to help empower people and communities through access to fresh, nutrient dense foods, land-based medicine and folk knowledge. 


Chance Black


Chance just cut his hair and now wears many hats. Since leaving the nest 10 years ago, he flew west to Colorado, earning a degree from CU Boulder, focusing on natural resource management, climate change and energy systems. From there, Rumors of strong community and fertile farm land lured Chance to the PNW where he has shared many a good time with human, plant, and animal alike. Farming naturally led to an interest in smaller intensive gardening pursuits, as well as involvement in an array of building projects, though his favorite house for hanging out is still the greenhouse, where there are plenty of fresh snacks!

Shannon Red Cloud

Shannon Red Cloud

Program DIRECTOR, Imagination Yoga in Schools

Yoga found Shannon in 2003 and quickly began to change her life from the inside out. In 2004 she embarked on her first Teacher Training journey and she continues to add to her kit of experience and knowledge so that she may share yoga with all ages and abilities. Because of its authentic mission and curriculum, one of her most cherished trainings was with Imagination Yoga. The need was apparent that all children should have the opportunity to learn how to access their imagination by learning these skills in a fun, creative way. Imagination Yoga in Schools is now a growing, thriving program with real, visible results, improving the classroom environment with more awareness of breath, kindness, movement and possibility. Shannon is honored and extremely blessed to share these life-changing moments with all of the children and teachers with whom she works.