CultureSeed has a mindfulness focus on physical and mental health through access to the outdoors, economy and opportunity, engagement and strong social relationships. Most of our programs are at least a year in duration and many of our youth return year after year.

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CultureSeed tackles the youth mental health crisis by connecting youth to nature, themselves and others. Our cornerstone programs are at least a year in duration and many of our youth return year after year. As an organization CultureSeed learned that sustained contact is key and provides the opportunity for tailored and adaptive responses to each youth’s unique circumstances and interests. Youth that have aged out of our programs have returned as volunteers, counselors and staff.

CultureSeed applies a youth-led model. Through our work with underserved youth in our region, and by hosting the first regional Latinx Youth Summit we have planned and shaped our programming with youth

CultureSeed offers trauma sensitive curriculum. We focus on mindfulness based approaches that instill confidence through a culture of accountability, activities to honor passage into adulthood, and helping youth notice and handle stressful thoughts that lead to harmful behaviors. 

CultureSeed’s transformational whole system approach increases place-based connection to the natural world, place-based career literacy, civic leadership, and diversity in the outdoors.  The degree to which individuals feel a part of a community is not only measured by the extent to which we participate, express and show concern for one another, but also by the extent to which one feels represented in their environment. 

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