North Star Outdoor Education

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Our North Star Outdoor Education program connects youth to nature, offering them hands-on learning and stewardship activities that promote personal insight, positive learning, leadership skills, and environmental consciousness.

Spending time outdoors is valuable for everyone on many levels but it can be a particularly powerful way for kids to learn more about themselves and gain leadership skills.

A person who has had no connection to living plants and organisms first hand, one who has not tilled the soil, picked up a worm, gazed at the night sky in a purposeful inspiring way, one who has not walked among old growth trees, smelled their life and listened to the wind blow through their bows is missing one of the biggest gifts of life.

North Star brings White Salmon and Gorge Youth ages 5 - 25 to spend time on the White Salmon River and nearby connected slopes and ravines.

How it works

Programs vary from half-day learning experiences to overnights. CultureSeed is partnering with organizations, schools, and homeschoolers to offer outdoor curriculum.

Want to get involved?

Contact us to learn about opportunities for volunteering, partnership, and other forms of support.

Program leadership


Scott Cushman

Scott was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he held his breath through the weeks, waiting for the weekend when he could go rambling in the out-of-doors. He has led outdoor and experiential education courses around the world. He has a Wilderness First Responder certification and a degree from Dartmouth College in Environmental Biology.


Your support can expand opportunities for kids

Everyone, especially youth will benefit from spending time out of doors connecting to nature. Help support local kids to participate in one of our sessions.