Atlan & CultureSeed co-founder La Gilman presents Mystery Loves Company, a series of evening salons exploring the Great Mystery! Join our monthly gathering with curated presenters as we step out of the ordinary into the great unknown. Each evening will feature a short presentation followed by a  facilitated conversation where all voices can be expressed.

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Life is a magical mystery but this is often forgotten~ We are ever surrounded by an Unknown so vast, it is mind blowing....  and utterly mysterious! All of us, at least part of the time, are tuned in to the channel of regular life… We can easily become lulled to sleep, forgetting to question our origins and the context of our lives.

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Mystery is a Supernatural Resource that can be mined forever..... and it will never run out~!
— Atlan and CultureSeed co-founder & Program Director La Gilman

Program Leadership


I am a visionary wordcrafter and community activator. 
My life focus is conscious coevolution of self and world through creative collaborations with like-minded explorers.. 

I am an art-maker of various mediums, and I am living life as if it is my most realized art piece. Working together with a group called Atlan, we are in the process of building an intentional land based community in the Columbia Gorge.

What matters most to me is learning how to live and sharing the process with others. My inquiry into what life is and how it works, fuels my spiritual path of Art, Medicine and Visionary Community. And these pursuits fuel in turn, my Spirit unfolding. I believe that this quest is something we all share however varied our approach.

As I question the ways of the world, I also realize the importance of questioning my own assumptions. I have come to recognize that language is a force for change in the world, created by those who use it. And for me, playing with words is one of my favorite ways to commune with the Mystery.