mission & vision

Supporting individuals and communities to thrive

As a nonprofit organization, CultureSeed brings together educators, artists, practitioners, and community leaders to produce experiential learning programs and transformational events. Join us to support communities and help create a positive impact on our planet!

Through programs like T.R.U.S.T.Rivers For All, Community Learning GardenImagination Yoga in Schools, Conscious Construction, and Bending the Bars, CultureSeed nurtures connection to nature and supports individuals and communities to thrive in these difficult, transitional times. 

CultureSeed is building community around self-care and being responsible citizens of the land and local resources. This has positive effects on individual and community wellbeing. We envision a world where people have a sense of purpose, where physical, mental, social, and economic needs are fulfilled, and where there is enough creative energy and time to serve the common good.

Atlan Land.jpeg

Origin and location

CultureSeed was born out of the interest of founding members of the Atlan Community to create a nonprofit learning center where the themes of interconnectedness, community, sustainability, and creative consciousness could be shared and demonstrated among the wider community. We are based at the Atlan Living Learning Center located on 150 acres in White Salmon, Washington in the heart of the Columbia Gorge.

Through our partnership with Atlan, we have access to a community learning garden; the ArtiFactory, a maker space; a collaborative work space/community room; Forest Camp, with yurt, outdoor kitchen, and camping facilities; and land, which includes year round streams and hosts stands of second growth Douglas fir, riparian transition zones, and oak savannah.

Although we’re fortunate and grateful for the amenities we share with the Atlan Community, the principles and programs we teach are designed to be sown anywhere. CultureSeed can flourish wherever there are individuals who come together in service to one another to create thriving communities and economies.