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Mystery Loves Company presents Awakening to the Teachings of your Dreams, a talk with Malcolm Smith ND

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The third Mystery salon presents: Night School, Awakening to the Teachings of your Dreams

The vessel of you, on the ocean of life, has a very sophisticated navigation system. It can not only warn you of impending collisions but can keep your direction clear in the worst of storms.  Yet without training, practice, and focused attention, the system is virtually useless.  

Join us for a deep dive into the true guiding power of dreams, and discover how to activate a direct connection to your higher self, referred to as the Soul, Holy Spirit, or Atman.

Bring a dream with you to work on, and learn a straight-forward process that gives you the nuts and bolts of how to unpack the encoded message that’s easy to understand once you learn the secret.

Malcolm Smith ND 
25 years as a homeopath and dream guide
A single dream saved his life.

Mystery Loves Company
The Atlan Collaboratory
37 Nestor Pk. Rd.
White Salmon WA 98672

Take 141 towards Trout Lake
Take a left onto Northwestern Lake Rd
Cross the White Salmon River
Continue until the road turns into Nestor Peak Rd
A large building will be on your left. The door is open.
CultureSeed is up the stairs. The bottom floor is a wood shop/makerspace.

7pm for tea and connection, The Salon begins promptly at 7:30 until 9:30
Tickets: $7-11
Your tickets and donations are for the speaker and the nonprofit CultureSeed
Thank you for your support!

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