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A Fresh Step presents OctSoberFest Weekend

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A Fresh Step, a new CultureSeed Community Program,
invites you to join us at The Trout Lake Abbey on Saturday or for the whole weekend. This event - to celebrate recovery and to share with family and friends - is co-sponsored by the Mt. Adams Zen Temple. The weekend programs are free of charge, but donations will be much appreciated  (to cover costs of meals and meeting space).

We are looking for 22 sponsors at $100 apiece.  Sponsorships of $100 (or more) will be listed in the OctSoberFest Weekend Program and acknowledged at the Saturday Barbecue. Contributions to cover costs are much appreciated.

Organizational and business sponsors are invited to bring informational displays and educational materials related to health and wellness, recovery, mindfulness and spiritual growth.

Please consider becoming a sponsor of OctSoberFest Weekend and the OctSoberFest Barbecue.  Donations in any amount will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Richard Withers if you have questions - or (414) 587-4065.

Please RSVP to if you plan to attend some or all of the weekend.

OctSoberFest donations and Sponsorships can be made below, or OctSoberFest donations in any other amount may be made to A Fresh Step at our donations page. Thank you!

OctSoberFest Weekend
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OctSoberFest Weekend

Program Highlights

Friday Evening     

4:00 p.m. campers/lodgers check-in

5:00 p.m. Soup and Salad Dinner

6:30 p.m. options for meditation:  Temple evening meditation, labyrinth walking, 

7:30 p.m. Welcome to The Abbey & OctSoberFest Weekend

8:00 p.m. Introduction to mindfulness recovery traditions/programs


8:00 Breakfast: in the Dining Hall

9:00 Mindfulness practice & spiritual growth meetings (options):

Temple Meditation Temple, Recovery Dharma meeting

Gentle, Trauma-informed Yoga (bring mats), Walking Meditation,

Mindfulness in Recovery®

10:30 Keynote Speaker, Gary Sanders

11:30 Panel - Recovery and Renewal in the Columbia Gorge

1:00 - 5:00 OctSoberFest in the Columbia Gorge (All Welcome!)

good food, friendship and fun, live music offerings, information

tables & short ‘infomercials’ for recovery programs, Abbey tours

7:00 Ghost stories and Brown Bag Theatre in Druid Sanctuary

Sunday Morning

8:00 breakfast (pancakes, etc.)

9:00 Options: Recovery Dharma and 11th Step Meditation (Temple),   

              walking (Labyrinth), Mindfulness in Recovery®

Gentle - Restorative Yoga (Mountain Room, bring your mats)

10:15 Discussion and Brainstorming 

Future Directions in Columbia Gorge Recovery