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8.18.18 (((SHINE)))
DJ Michael Manahan and Munbear (from Yaima)

(((Shine))) is an enriching and fun opportunity for transformation within a vital energy field we collectively generate. This is an intentional dance journey which includes yoga meditation and a specific trajectory in the music to create a high vibration atmosphere. We call it a LoveBubble, in which we get to practice "Dance floor Living", a way to share space, being fully creatively expressed, while respecting each other and the shared space. This is a model for living in the world based on the series of DreamDances that occurred in Seattle and elsewhere in the country. The idea being that we gather and collectively generate a field with our energy bodies. The more we surrender into our body and the dance and leave our thinking mind to dissolve in the layers of music and the collective flow, the greater the frequency we generate. This high vibration field of energy can be used for personal healing, as well as creative insight to take right action in our daily lives to create and draw to us the opportunities for the life we choose to live. 

Tickets will be $15 to cover cost and any amount above that is a donation to CultureSeed. $25 for a ticket to the dance and overnight camping per person. There are a limited amount of camping spaces (20) for out of towners. $10 tickets for Conscious Construction workshop participants.

The fundraiser will support CultureSeed a non profit building community around self-care and being responsible citizens of the land and local resources. 

Flow for the evening: please arrive at 6 for connecting and brief intro then 6:30 yoga. The dance journey begins at 7 and goes till 10 followed by gentle free form acoustic and song circle.

Feel free to bring snacks to share and blankets or mats to sit on for later. This is a non alcohol fueled event. Please leave beverages behind.

The dance is held outside. To find us follow the road just up the way a couple hundred feet from the address listed. Sur Surita garden is on the right. We look forward to dancing in the garden with you all!!

Dance journey brought to us by:
Mas Munbear
Michael Manahan

Campers please arrive after noon to set up camp. There will be signs to indicate camp sites. There is a composting toilet on site. The town of White Salmon is 10 min away for grabbing a bite to eat. (Northshore stops serving at 2)

Things to be aware of: poison oak!! Please do not wander into the bushes in the dark, keep eyes out for leaves of 3. The oil is very potent and even the smallest drops can be carried to others and the oil remains active for years. There will be a little intro to the land and self care around 6 before yoga.

Email with questions.

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