In partnership with the Atlan Center, the CultureSeed Community Learning Garden provides an opportunity for people to learn about small-scale organic agriculture throughout the growing season. A hand-tilled, diverse demonstration garden, growing healthy, delicious organic food for CultureSeed participants and the larger community. A chance for people to learn techniques like permaculture, worm composting, and share in the joy of gardening in community.

Besides connecting with others and the land, and learning and sharing what you know about gardening, you’ll be able to harvest food for yourself and the community throughout the April – October growing season.

We gather at the Community Learning Garden at 9am on Saturday mornings from April to October for a short discussion of the work for the day and introduce educational opportunities. After that volunteers are free to enjoy the trails and land of Atlan.

We encourage volunteers to bring comfortable work clothing appropriate for the expected weather, a hat, sunscreen, extra layers, sturdy shoes and a water bottle. Please wear shoes and clothes that you are willing to get dirty and possibly wet; make sure to wear closed-toe shoes or boots to protect your feet. We have a variety of tools and gloves available for volunteer use, but you are more than welcome to bring your own.

Garden Amenities


We are learning low-energy ways to grow vegetables year round. Our 24′ x 48′ greenhouse is part of the garden and is used for a variety of purposes.

Wood-Fired Cob Oven

During a Village Building Convergence at Atlan Center, CultureSeed built a Cob Oven near the community garden. The Pavilion that covers the oven was hand-built with timbers from the forest at Atlan Center. Come visit when we are hosting a Pizza Party to taste the bounty of the Community Garden!

Gardening is a perfect platform for learning; each year, each season, we learn from what we have done before, what the weather and growing season afford, which methods to embrace, which ideas or seeds sprouted, who helped to be the magic fertilizer that encouraged a bountiful garden to grow.
There have been dynamic moments working together to unearth enormous rocks, while enlarging beds…
I have spent some of my favorite gardening time, in CultureSeed’s beautiful garden. I always celebrate the warmth of the sun coming up over the hill shining on the wet greens while sharing conversations with old and new friends over weeding and harvesting.

Program Leadership

Our garden is led by Mary Kissinger and Mateo Mosca. Together, with a group of volunteers called “The Garden Pod,” we tend to the needs of our garden and always look to welcome newcomers. Please reach out to learn more!

Mary Kissinger in her words: "I moved from CA with my husband and have felt so fortunate to land in this neighborhood and greater community. Since moving here I’ve started my own garden project which has waxed and waned with different periods of busy-ness in the past few years. As a new mama I’m enjoying this chapter without work outside our home. I’ve been excited to finally have a chance to connect in the CultureSeed garden for many reasons. I’m excited to grow my knowledge of the seasons and cycles that come with cultivating the land as well as to learn more about the CultureSeed family and how I might get to help co-create."

Mateo Mosca, in his words: "avid agrarian, cognizant chef, food is a serious passion. Since graduating from college in 2014, I have learned on various farms and in a few select soil-to-stove focused kitchens. Each experience has helped shape my ultimate life vision of one day: co-establishing a diversified farm, trattoria or small bistro, hostel, education center, and general space for community to gather. After spending a year in northern WA to pursue a true garden-to-table endeavor for a private household, I have returned to the Columbia Gorge region.”


We invite you to join us!

Our Community Learning Garden is volunteer-based, volunteer-run effort. We welcome all levels of growing experience. All we ask is that you come with an open and observant mind, a curious spirit, a love of dirty hands, and a willingness to work in rain or sunshine.

Waiver for volunteers

We ask everyone coming to volunteer, work or participate in our programs to sign our online Self Responsibility Agreement Waiver. This is a joint waiver for Atlan Community and CultureSeed. Please click here to fill out the Self Responsibility Agreement Waiver.